umbrelOS on Hyper-V

I have seen community posts that mention flashing the usb with the umbrelOS img file and injecting into the VM, something which i dont know how to do, is there a way to run umbrelOS on hyper-v? i notice that when i flashed the USB with the file , it made it unreadable to windows and wouldn’t show up on Hyper-V.
Is there something i am doing wrong or is getting it to run on a virtual machine not possible at the moment?

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I had the same problem wanting to upgrade my Umbrel 0.5 running on a Hyper-V VM.

Managed to find a workaround by using iSCSI to mount the .img file and then passing through the LUN to the Hyper-V VM.

  1. Download iSCSI Console.
  2. Add the Umbrel .img file as an iSCSI target using iSCSI Console.
  3. Connect to the iSCSI target using Windows’s built-in iSCSI Initiator.
  4. Pass through the iSCSI LUN to the Hyper-V VM.

I thank this article for giving the idea.


I can’t find the .exe in the folder “net4.7.2 folder” because I can’t find it either. Where could the error be?
I have already extracted the ZIP file.

which zip file did you download? you should get it from the releases page, not the download zip button at the main github page.

This solution didn’t work for me. Still looking for an ISO to allow Umbrel to work with Hyper-V.

As I wrote on the other topic, try to attach a new virtual drive with the .img file on it and put it first in the boot sequence list.
After installation, shutdown the virtual machine and remember to remove that virtual drive before starting the VM again.

Thanks for the tip. I was able to get Umbrel installed on Hyper-V using the following steps;

  1. Download/extract the Umbrel USB installer image (img) file.
  2. Use PassMark OSFMount utility to mount the img file as a hard disk (entire image, not removable)
  3. Use Windows Disk Management to mark the OSFMount drive as “offline”
  4. Use Hyper-V console to create a new Umbrel VM. (Generation 2, Secure Boot off, Checkpoints Off.)
  5. Use Hyper-V console to create a virtual SCSI drive pointed to the “physical” OSFMount drive. (if you don’t see the OSFMount drive show up as physical, restart the Hyper-V console)
  6. Use Hyper-V console to adjust boot order of Umbrel VM. (new virtual SCSI drive first)
  7. Boot and install per typical Umbrel instruction.
  8. Remove the virtual SCSI drive at first reboot time.