Umbrel won't access SSD

Hello, I can’t find a way for Umbrel to access my SSD drive. Tested multiple versions (3.8 and 4.9), formated the SSD several times, Partioned the SSD drive as FAT32 again. Reformated as EXT again… it simply doesnt access it. The ssh log is attached. This chossiness of Umbrel for hardware is defeating the purpose of democratization :slightly_frowning_face: Help pleaseTerminal Saved Output umbrel log ssd.txt (12.3 KB)

Umbrel is a DebianOS, that means it will use by default ext4 partition.
You do not have to format the drive before use. Umbrel setup will format it.
So just delete the partition you already created, but do NOT create or format again. Just delete.
Then start the install process, flashing the mSD and leave the setup to do its thing.

That was the fist thing that I did, but I`ll try it again.