Umbrel will boot, but after 3-4 minutes, freezes, can't run debug

I noticed by node was working today. (I have rasp pi 4gb - built as website recommends) It has run fine for several months. I updated to 0.4.0 recently. When I rebooted the umbrel, it would work for a few minutes, then the sync would stop at 99.96% (it is 21 hours out of date) but then go to zero %. In the settings window

the temp window shows a bunch of code, and I can’t reboot or shutdown from settings. I can reboot from ssh into umbrel, but the folder from umbrel is empty. I can’t seem to run debug. I tried reflashing the SD card. It seem to load OK, but after a few minutes, the same issue happened. Freezes, won’t sync, can’t troubleshoot.

This is what I get from terminal:

umbrel@umbrel:~ $ cd umbrel/
umbrel@umbrel:~/umbrel $ ls
ls: reading directory ‘.’: Input/output error
umbrel@umbrel:~/umbrel $ ~umbrel/scripts/debug --upload
-bash: /home/umbrel/scripts/debug: No such file or directory

What are next troubleshooting steps if I can’t create a debug report?

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Hey @VCKmog I have the same issue. Have you found a solution yet?

Seems a hardware failure of external storage system (usb cable, usb-to-sata adapter or SSD). Try testing each of this to find the compromissed part.
You can also plug a monitor to hdmi output of RasPi and restart it. Look for the error messages.

My issues was the case for the Hard Drive, the power supplied over USB was causing issues. ( I did not purchase the recommended case from the umbrel build as it was not available at the time.). I had a SATA docker that had it’s own power. When I transfer that HD to the SATA docker and plugged it into the Pi - it started working again. So - it was a hardware issue.