Umbrel stuck synchronising, after 0.4.9 upgrade

Hi my umbrel on Pi4 has been stuck syncronising since the upgrade to v.0.4.9. I’ve already flashed the SD twice and it’s back to where it was right after upgrading.

This is what I’ve been getting the whole time. And first time around it was days.

Here are the logs don’t detect any issues, I can’t upload them to this forum because I’m a new user.

Logs can be found here

I also can’t ssh into the node since reflashing. The password isn’t being accepted on ssh, but works on umbrel.local.
I deleted the knownhosts in C:\Users\xxx.ssh

Telegram update:

User was advised to run:
sudo docker logs bitcoin | tail -n 50

Logs are here:

Recommended to reindex:
echo reindex=1 >> ~/umbrel/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf && sudo reboot

After it’s synced 100%, run this to stop it from reindexing on a future restart:
sed -i “s/reindex=1//g;” ~/umbrel/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf && sudo reboot

So I’ve been waiting almost 16hrs since I posted and ran the above commands (except the after it’s synced, because it hasn’t synced yet).

And my docker logs of bitcoin are still getting the Please restart with -reindex or -reindex-chainstate to recover. error showing.

any ideas?

This is where I’m at. After last upgrade memory almost at 1 tb, (no apps)-node won’t load out of syncing mode, and no indication as to how far it’s synced. My wallet won’t come up. And my ssh password is not being recognised in the terminal! Very frustrating. If I get back in I’m withdrawing all my sats- will not go through this again.

Logs here: ty in advance

Hey BdC, I was looking around the forums and found a post where a user had the same error message as you - Bitcoin docker container keeps restarting

Can you try this one out and let me know if that helps

My umbrel/bitcoin/settings.json was allready


So that doesn’t seem to be the problem

My issue looks like it was the

I’m still getting restarting containers. I’ve decided to restart from seed and resync the blockchain.

It looks like your wallet is locked. Hence LND and electr can’t start.
Since you reflashed, your lnd.conf remained the same (it’s saved on your SSD).
So I would think there is something wrong in your lnd.conf.

If you follow the steps under the section “my wallet is locked” here, this might be worth a shot

@Hakuna Thanks for replying, but it doesn’t look like it’s locked, but the service is no longer available??

First line of LND Logs:
lnd | 2021-12-15 14:34:25.068 [ERR] RPCS: [/lnrpc.WalletUnlocker/ChangePassword]: wallet already unlocked, WalletUnlocker service is no longer available

For reference, I’ve since reflashed the SD Card, formatted the HD and started syncing from seed. I’ve still got the same issues. Dockers containers are restarting, and it’s not syncing.

I’ve also since the reflash and formatting started this new thread 100% new install, recover from seed, docker containers still restarting

I’ll look there then

On my side, the coreBTC sync was looking stuck at 74.51% from the umbrel.local UI and I easily fixed with:

    1. safely shutdown the node from the settings page
    1. disconnect power for 30seconds
    1. reconnect power
    1. restart the node

After login, I noticed that the sync progress was now surprisingly at 79.19%. This means (or I understand) that the sync was continuing in the background but not sure why the Ui was not refreshing the sync-blocks section nor the % on the section header 🤷. Maybe was an issue with the browser cache or something else related to the device connected to the node, instead of the node itself?

Any command line that I can use to check from the terminal if the sync is continuing instead trusting umbrel-ui/my-device?

Similar conversation happening here.

why is your temp so high?

Your Pi is throttling, maybe that’s why it is not working correctly