Umbrel reset itself after time left alone

This has happened to me a few times now. I leave my rasberrypi and umbrel for a few weeks, and when I go back to log in, it is timing out so I unplug power and plug back in and then umbrel starts and asks me what my name is and has to re-download the blockchain. I have been using it with a spinning rust HDD so downloading blockchain took over three months so it’s quite inconvenient that it just decides to completely reset itself.

I suspected a corrupt SD card so changed that, on third card now. Using f3 app to test card and the cards seem fine. I’ve replaced the HDD with an SSD as I can’t be doing another 3 months sync.

Is there something in umbrel that makes it just wipe everything and start again?

I had the same problem, it occured three days after installing it, it was 80% through with downloading the blockchain, somebody in the house unplugged it and it was reset….