Umbrel on Ubuntu Server - Disk Space?

I recently bought a refurbished mini computer to run Umbrel on Ubuntu. I got Ubuntu Server and Umbrel up and running following these instructions. The instructions were quite good as I really have no idea what I am doing with Linux. Anyways, the SSD I have Ubuntu installed on is 1TB. If I look at my settings in Umbrel it says I only have 105GB available. How do I get it to access the whole disk? Was it something with the way I installed Ubuntu on the SDD? Not sure if any of this helps:

The 237.8G is the windows disk I believe.

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I figured out the issue. When I installed Ubuntu Server I left LVM selected when selecting the disk. I reinstalled and unselected LVM this time. Now I have access to the whole 982 GB remaining.

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Thanks. I had the same issue.