1TB NVMe SSD only giving UmbrelOS 100GB

I am not entirely sure what is going on, I have lenovo thinkcentre. I installed Ubuntu 22 and then umbrelOS in my root directory. Once online, umbrelOS was reporting it only had 100GB, which obviously makes running a bitcoin node not possible. I am not sure how to get UmbrelOS to recognize that it has a lot more space it can use.

I’m not sure I have the answer but I had Ubuntu installed on a Pi 5 and I had to reboot it a couple of times before it showed the correct memory. On a 1T SSD I had less than 100GB initially but after the reboot it was over 900GB.

I am not able to run Umbrel yet because I’m waiting for them to release a version that works with the Pi 5.

Hi I am following up on this. I realized that my version of ubuntu server (22.04.3), the default root space was 100GB. I had to unmount this, adjust, and remount before installing ubuntu onto the SSD. So this was not umbrel related, but ubuntu server related.

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