Umbrel on ROC-RK3328-CC (renegade) from libre computer


Has someone worked on the possibility to make a Bitcoin node (getumbrel, mynode, raspiblitz or another) with the renegade SBC ( ? It could be useful in case of supply problem on raspberry pi 4 and renegade is optimal for bitcoin node (RAM > 2Gb, only ethernet…) or just having an bitcoin node hardware alternative to pi.

I’m not paid by them but it could be useful if raspberry pi foundation had issues. Even another SBC company.

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With less than 150 bucks on ebay you can buy any Dell workstation or any other brand, second hand. Add a 1TB disk and you are good to go.
Install a DebianOS + umbrel and you will have a powerful node machine
Example $69

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:loudspeaker: Sold for US $142.50