If one day Umbrell doesn't work no more

I want to know what happens if one day Umbrell doesn’t work anymore (Bankruptcy, fondamental bug or else).
How can we recover our Btc on the blockchain without Umbrell?
Thanks a lot for helping.

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Just use your 24 words on a new wallet.

You can fun a full BTC blockchain node on a Raspberry Pi, but it isn’t for mining. That takes very expensive specialized computers, and a lot of them if you hope to earn. If you don’t go that way, joining a mining pool is an option I hear, but I have not investigated.

Umbrel on RPi4 is what I run, a 1TB SSD is what I have and now wish I’d gotten a 2TB SSD so I can more easily run the other apps that comes with Umbrel.

Ok, thanks a lot for your answer!
Have a good day

Hello my dear friend.
I did not fully understand.
my friend. I want you to help me.
Can you help me understand better?
Can I make a profit if I buy a Raspberry Pi 4 now?
One of my friends did this but it doesn’t show me. My friend got a Raspberry Pi 4 and apparently got a license for it.
Is there such a thing?
Where should I get the license to increase mine speed?