Umbrel Node + Ride the Lightning Recovery

I am testing how recovery works for Umbrel and the Ride the Lightning app.

I flashed my drives, small SSD with umbrel OS and the larger external SSD that holds the blockchain.

Recovery seed recovered Umbrel. The RTL app was not installed, installed it but set up as new, I had one channel open with a friend to test this. It seems the RTL app will require it’s own backup? Is that correct?

I didn’t see any “back up” button or feature within RTL…so I assumed it would be part of the Umbrel recovery.

How is this suppose to work?

No funds are at risk or lost, we’re just running tests to understand before we go full deployment.

There is a backup feature in RTL, this downloads a different file than the standard file you’ll get from the Umbrel UI.

You navigate to the backup section via Lightning -> Backup

Then download the backup file with “Backup All”

Restoration is pretty unclear. I had to do it the other day. You’ll SSH into the umbrel, and first make a new directory with the mkdir command. I don’t remember the correct path off the top of my head, but you can poke around with the ls command until you get to the /backup folder.

Make a new folder called /restore inside that folder.

scp the .bak file from RTL into the new /restore folder, then the option to restore should be made available.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for responding. After I restored I noticed the backup, missed it the first time around.

The recovery worked well for Umbrel. Going to test the RTL backup next.