Umbrel Home pihole issues

I had pihole working on my rpi running Umbrel, and after switching the device out for the new umbrel home, same cables and ports and everything, but WITHOUT restoring the previous devices configuration, it doesn’t seem to want to work. I simply reinstalled pihole with default settings, and upon trying to update gravity, it tells me DNS resolution is not available. I tried connecting to different DNS upstream servers with no success. Oh, I of course did also re-assign a permanent ip through my routers DHCP to the new home, and have restarted all devices several times, but it just refuses to work. I’ve also since then changed the local ip of the umbrel home just in case there was some kind of conflict, and ofc have restarted the router several times. But it just can’t update Gravity. Anyone have any ideas?

Sorry to hear you’re having issues! I just tested updating gravity on Pi-hole on my Umbrel Home and it appears to be working ok for me. It sounds like potentially it could be some sort of configuration issue on your local network. Are you able to share a screenshot with the exact error you’re getting?

Are any other devices on your network having issues? Could you also check if your router is configured to use your previous Pi’s IP as a DNS server which is now offline?

Oh, I think I’ve gotten it to work this morning. It seems that even the Home was trying to use the old RPI as its DNS, even though I changed its static IP and that new IP to the primary DNS. The number of domains on adlists remained at -2, and it still couldn’t do any updating, as “dns resolution isn’t available”, which is what gravity would throw when trying to update. It might have even just been the routers fault, assuming the device was the same thing and trying to communicate with it the same way which wasn’t working? But I doubt that, as I restarted everything several times.

Either way, the way I came up with to “brute force” a real reset of everything (since even restarts weren’t working (and clearly this is somehow a network issue)), was to just completely remove the Primary DNS IP under DHCP and reboot the router like that. This way, most devices will “go back to normal”, and the router could “get used” to doing that again. Lol, treating this thing like an animal at this point… I then simply repointed it back to the IP of the Home, rebooted it a 2nd time, and voila. Pihole on the home had domains on the list, I could add lists and update, and other devices like my phone were displaying results.

I just find it weird that rebooting the router and Home didn’t solve it. Actually, it must have been the Home that was confused. Thinking it had to communicate with some other .4 that wasn’t itself, somehow, to get DNS responses from. Not blaming the hardware specifically ofc…

Great, glad you got it sorted, thanks for reporting back!