Umbrel Home not connecting to umbrel.local


After rebooting umbrel via a tailscale ssh.

Umbrel home device does not connect to umbrel.local

I had already updated umbrel to latest OS and been using it for weeks. but then after this reboot its back to 0.5.4 and not connecting.

any help would be apprciated

see debug logs

= Umbrel debug info =

Umbrel version


Memory usage

           total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available

Mem: 16G 733M 15G 12M 954M 15G
Swap: 0B 0B 0B

total: 4.4%
system: 4.4%

Memory monitor logs

1554 ? R 0:00 bash ./scripts/memory-monitor
Memory monitor is already running
2024-02-28 12:05:10 Memory monitor running!
2024-02-28 15:29:25 Memory monitor running!
2024-03-04 13:32:25 Memory monitor running!
2024-03-10 12:12:43 Memory monitor running!
2024-03-10 14:35:28 Memory monitor running!
2024-03-10 14:41:13 Memory monitor running!
2024-03-13 12:19:46 Memory monitor running!
2024-03-17 11:45:48 Memory monitor running!

Filesystem information

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/nvme0n1p2 9.6G 3.7G 5.5G 41% /
/dev/nvme0n1p4 1.8T 757G 1014G 43% /home

Karen logs

Running update install scripts of the new release

== Begin Update Script ==
Hardware support detection
Umbrel Home detected
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:06Z” level=info msg=“Loaded configuration file: /var/lib/mender/mender.conf”
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:06Z” level=info msg=“‘UpdateControlMapExpirationTimeSeconds’ is not set in the Mender configuration file. Falling back to the default of 2*UpdatePollIntervalSeconds”
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:06Z” level=info msg=“‘UpdateControlMapBootExpirationTimeSeconds’ is not set in the Mender configuration file. Falling back to the default of 600 seconds”
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:06Z” level=warning msg=“No server URL(s) specified in mender configuration.”
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:06Z” level=warning msg=“Server entry 1 has no associated server URL.”
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:06Z” level=info msg=“Mender running on partition: /dev/nvme0n1p2”
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:06Z” level=info msg=“Bootstrap Artifact installed successfully”
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:06Z” level=info msg=“Mender running on partition: /dev/nvme0n1p2”
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:06Z” level=info msg=“Performing remote update from: [].”
Installing Artifact of size 1381769216…
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:08Z” level=info msg=“No public key was provided for authenticating the artifact”
0% 50% 100%
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:08Z” level=info msg=“Opening device "/dev/nvme0n1p3" for writing”
time=“2024-03-19T09:23:08Z” level=info msg=“Native sector size of block device /dev/nvme0n1p3 is 512 bytes. Mender will write in chunks of 1048576 bytes”
…Got signal: backup
karen is getting triggered!
Deriving keys…
Creating backup…
Adding random padding…
1+0 records in
1+0 records out
4285 bytes (4.3 kB, 4.2 KiB) copied, 4.7729e-05 s, 89.8 MB/s
Creating encrypted tarball…
Uploading backup…
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 4958 100 146 100 4812 17 590 0:00:08 0:00:08 --:–:-- 1257
{“message”:“Successfully uploaded backup 1710851701380.tar.gz.pgp for backup ID 28f867fe2f2c0b6cb9305517caba305debd36bca3f098f1020a5f0d54774bcb7”}

====== Backup success =======

…time=“2024-03-19T12:38:37Z” level=info msg=“All bytes were successfully written to the new partition”
time=“2024-03-19T12:38:37Z” level=info msg=“The optimized block-device writer wrote a total of 5198 frames, where 4388 frames did need to be rewritten (i.e., skipped)”
time=“2024-03-19T12:38:37Z” level=info msg=“Wrote 5449857024/5449857024 bytes to the inactive partition”
.time=“2024-03-19T12:38:37Z” level=info msg=“Enabling partition with new image installed to be a boot candidate: 3”
Use ‘commit’ to update, or ‘rollback’ to roll back the update.
At least one payload requested a reboot of the device it updated.
Sleeping 5 seconds
== End Update Script ==

Deleting cloned repository
Removing lock

Docker containers


Umbrel logs

/home/umbrel/umbrel/scripts/debug: line 131: docker-compose: command not found

Tor Proxy logs

/home/umbrel/umbrel/scripts/debug: line 137: docker-compose: command not found
This script requires “docker-compose” to be installed

==== Result ====

==== END =====