Umbrel dashboard all apps are missing

Not sure how this happened but none of my apps are showing up. I can navigate to them by typing their port into the URL, but the interface for the normal dash is missing everything. Anyone ever run into this?

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I had this happen to 1 app, syncthing was missing from the UI but I could still access the app on the port so I sshed into the Umbrel and checkedif it appeared on docker and it was still there. I figured I could just install it again but when I navigated to the app store it showed as installed with only the “open” button showing. I just ran the ~/umbrel/scrips/app install syncthing and it reinstalled the app and it showed up on the UI.

This might not work with all apps however since synthing might store the config persistently between installs so it worked in my case.

Also to see the apps you have running on docker, run docker container ls and check their names on the list.

Hope you can figure it out

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Thank you for the quick reply. Runing sudo docker ps, I see all of my apps are running and they can all still be accessed via their port. I did try to reinstall one of them with the method you mentioned, and it said it was up to date and the app continued running, but nothing in the UI.

I am wondering if something is wrong with one of the umbrel docker containers that runs the dashboard. Just not sure which one.

Yeah I didn’t expect it to work since it seems like a hit and miss forbidden jitsu, might be worth it to wait for someone with more experience to help you out

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Hey @smolgrrr tagging you in case there is something known and quick to get my dashboard to reload with the apps. I have tried restarting the dashboard container, but no luck.
If you don’t know immediately, don’t worry about it, I will just wait for the ubuntu release of 1.0 and cross this bridge then.