Umbrel becomes unavailable ~24 hours this last week

Hello, I have updated the latest Umbrel version. I notice that my node will go offline and is unreachable via web or ssh about once a day. I have to power cycle it. Using recommended hardware and proper power supply for RP4.

Thanks for your help!

It happened to me, had to change the power supply to an old macbook power cube and so far, 3 weeks with no issues. I would try change the power supply and monitor the behavior.

What do you use to track when your node becomes unavailable or not? Can you see like a history of powering down and backup somewhere? I think I’m having a similar issue after updating to latest software as my availability ranking is dropping significantly on for no reason that I’m aware of.

Hi, I’ve just been checking via the browser on my PC or mobile to see if the web UI will load when I get up and then around lunchtime. If the UI won’t load then I test via SSH to see if it will prompt for login. Each time this last week since the update when it goes offline, I get no response to ping/SSH. Then I power cycle and it fires back up nicely. I’ve run a few troubleshooting commands (like pruning docker, etc), and they finish. All connectivity is set to default using Tor as well. Does anyone have any issues with the Tor defaults? Thanks, I really appreciate the insights.

I’ve also used this command to prune docker:

sudo systemctl stop umbrel-startup.service && docker system prune --force --all && sudo systemctl start umbrel-startup.service

This helped early on prior to the latest update where the UI would not load, but I could still access via SSH and ping would reply.

Also, node is plugged into a Furman power conditioner and a 1500W APC UPS, both brand new. I am fairly certain that there are not power fluctuations in the home. No beeps or boops from the APC!

im having the same issue!

And here we have it is now offline again :sleepy: Just about 24 hours. So bizarre! No ability to load the web UI or reach via SSH on the local network. The power LED is still on. The SSD case light is blue but there isn’t nearly the amount of pink LED activity. I will now power cycle since I cannot restart via SSH. Bummer.

From the Telegram group it was suggested that I try setting a static IP. Doing that now. Will monitor over the next 24 hours and report back!

This issue is effecting me also.
Ever since I updated to 0.3.12 every 24 hours or so I lose the ability to connect to my Umbrel Node with my browser and SSH. The only thing I can do is cycle the power off and back on, then everything works fine for another 24 hours or so.

The node does seem to be locked up. When I do get access back from cycling the power, it’s behind quite a few (hours worth) blocks.

I hope this is fixed in the next update. I hope the next update is soon.

I am delighted to report that after setting my node to have a static UP, it’s been up and available for ~27 hours now. Another notable improvement is that the number of Lightning peers has dramatically increased. Before the static, I could see 3-6 peers. After, I now seeing it having 8-10 peers. Fantastic!

Another 24 hours and I’ll report back but for now, I’ll say that the static IP has shown great improvement. :+1:

I too have my Umbrel set to a static IP now. It’s odd we never had to do this before version 0.3.12, but if it fixes the issue, it was a pretty easy fix.

Since I switched to a static IP (about 30 minutes ago), I notices my Peers (Connections) for Bitcoin Core dropped a lot! It used to float between 80 and 125, and now it’s 10. Which seems like a much better number. I have use RaspiBolt, RaspiBlitz, and myNode, and they would normally have 10 to 20 peers. Eighty to 125 seems like a lot to me. I wonder if that has anything to do with issue.

My Umbrel was crashing every 24 hours or so. If switching to a static IP fixes it, I won’t report back.

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Moving my SSD from a case to a direct cable connection fixed all of my wonky connectivity issues.

24 hours and it’s down again. I’ll probably be downgrading Umbrel OS soon. Trying one more thing first. Something is up with this a test release.

how can i do this?

Two things to consider: 1) If you are able to access the admin console on your router then you can set a DHCP reservation for the IP address of your Umbrel. 2) Next, you will want to set the networking configuration in the Umbrel to use that same IP address as a static (fixed) address.

Have a quick look at this (“Setting a fixed address on the Raspberry Pi”) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This shows you how to edit the networking configuration from the command line. The changes are fairly easy to make. Before you proceed you’ll want to ensure that you have reserved your IP address in your router.

Once I set mine to use a static IP it has been operating without any connectivity issues. I also recently updated to the 0.3.13 release.

Hope this helps.