Umbrel as watchtower

Hi I want to try to make my umbrel an watchtower

I was playing around adding


to lnd.conf + restarting the node as a first step.

From my understanding after restart I should be able to get into
docker exec -it lnd sh

and than run lncli tower info

Sadly the first command fails with
Error response from daemon: Container XXX is restarting, wait until the container is running

Same happens with

I also tesed =true but with the same error message in both cases. Any idea?

Missing watchtower path-to-files configuration.
But I guess watchtower server is something to put in public nodes. Or if you have several nodes in your intranet.
Keep your nodes running full time and you don´t need any watchtower.

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Here in the troubleshooting manual I put all the instructions how to run your node as WT server and/or client