Trying to understand Umbrel Features/Functionality!

Hello -

I’m looking for a nice docker dashboard/manager for a home cloud for my family. The main functionally I’m looking for is as follows:

  1. Dashboard that allows for easy app installs from a marketplace (Umbrel meets this)
  2. Single Sign On for Apps installed via the dashboard/manager (I think Umbrel has this)
  3. Ability to set up multiple users for my family members and associate them with different apps so they can also use single sign on for each app they have access to. Also support 2FA to ensure our data is secure.
  4. Install my own docker apps easily (I noticed the app store doesn’t have some docker apps I use so I would like an easy way to install other apps that are not currently in the app store).
  5. Support Remote access and custom domains - for example I use Cosmos Cloud right now and have a custom domain setup and use SSL certs for the app.
  6. Ability to attach a NAS and use as a file storage device for a program like Plex or JellyFin or an image hosting program like Piwigo, IMMICH, or Photoprism, and a google drive alternative like FileCloud or NextCloud (I really like NextCloud but prefer to find separate apps I can run from the dashboard for services like document hosting and sharing, knowledge base, Calendar and Contact sync, etc. - basically using something like Umbrel as the Cloud vs. NextCloud as a secondary cloud dashboard/portal).

Does Umbrel 1.1 support these types of functionality or is there a roadmap showing any of these functions in the future?

Thanks for your help!

As a fellow member of this community, welcome and I hope you choose to stick around with Umbrel. So to best answer your question lets look at each item you’re looking at:

  1. You are certainly correct, I personally think that Umbrel’s dashboard is a very straight forward display and the market is just as straight forward you’d expect from any modern app store. I am currently still using 0.5.4 as I am running it through Linux but from what I’ve seen 1.1 just continues with improvements on the same design. This was accomplished with the incorporation of widgets.

  2. Umbrel supports SSO out of the box using your Umbrel password.

  3. At this time you cannot assign multiple user accounts to Umbrel for use on the dashboard. The closest existing solution would be to use Heimdall from the app store as an intermediary dashboard and requisition the apps that you want your users to be able to access to the Heimdall dashboard. To the best of my knowledge this is not on a current roadmap but I can not speak on it one way or the next)

  4. At this point Umbrel does not have a native way to add custom apps but Portainer is available for download in the app store. Not a perfect solution but it certainly is a functional one.

  5. Custom domains has been stated to be on the roadmap for features along with https but is currently not available. The best option on Umbrel at the moment is certainly using Tailscale personal vpn to connect all devices you wish to use with Umbrel. As someone who has also made the sacrifice of a custom domain to switch to tailscale, there are some compromises such as limiting the amount of people using your services to only those you trust with access to the VPN. The lack of https also means some apps will not work on mobile. (This has mainly only been a problem with Nextcloud and some wallet services.)

  6. Umbrel has a few cloud like services such as photoprism, seafile, Immich, and Nextcloud to service pretty much all of your cloud provider needs. if you want to minimize dashboards, seafile might be a better service than nextcloud because although Nextcloud is a great service with a lot of facets to it, using things other than file sync do require opening the dashboard. Again, sorry I am yet unable to provide more up to date responses on Umbrel as I have not used 1.1 yet. Umbrel 0.5.4 did give you the ability to change the docker-compose.yaml of the apps through directly accessing the file. I’m not sure if the ability is still there in 1.1 but as of yet I have not heard otherwise.

Hopefully this helps and even if this doesn’t quite yet meet all of your needs keep checking in. As you know Umbrel just entered 1.1 so I definitely see alot more growth coming out of this product so it may hopefully grow into a product that will both meet and exceed your needs soon.