Umbrel 0.5 docker structure


since Umbrel 0.5 a lot has changed. All the docker containers have been renamed, file structure has changed, now everything, from setting watchtower to simple lnd.conf changes is tricky.

Is there a documentation on the changes in 0.5? I’m really struggling to do even the most basic things in the new version.


I’m having similar struggles. When I run docker-compile ps in the /umbrel folder, there is no lnd service running. I’m trying to restart it after modifying lnd.conf. The commands on the plebnet wiki seem to be out of date since the umbrel upgrade to 0.5.

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Asking same question here, I have umbrel v0.4.18 but I’m afraid to update to v0.5.0 because it may break a lot of things in my node. I have some rebalancing, monitoring and fee management scripts that relay heavily in v0.4.x docker structure

Same issue here, can’t seem to find any documentation that helps to do simple things such as adding watchtower. All the docker commands that I find out there don’t seem to work anymore.