Turn off Bitcoin node & sync

Hey is there a way to do this within Umbrel. I don’t see an option to stop the node running.


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Then what is the point running a node without sync?
Is like a Ferrari without a Ferrari engine… doesn’t make any sense.

If you mean shutdown the Umbrel. “Settings” in the bottom left, and then there’s a “shutdown” option.

I have the same question. I already have 2 nodes running and would like to save the space on the umbrel HDD.

Just to get an idea?

  • Shutdown bincoind (systemd?)
  • are there some auto restart scripts in umbrel?
  • edit lnd.conf (point neutrino mode to my servers)

thx for any advice


A question I have: does Umbrel’s lightning (LND) fully works while neutrino way running?
If yes, seems you can stop bcd syncronization if you have a trusted neutrino server… and use a tiny SSD…

Umbrel is not using Neutrino sync.
Umbrel is a full node, so be patient to sync 100% in normal way and then start using it-

As far I understand Umbrel, as long as the bitcoin node syncs LND is using neutrino.

Neutrino is switched on from the beginning (that what I saw in the ~/umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf). I like the way how Umbrel switches back to the bitcoin node with the neutrino switcher and reconfigures the lnd.conf

I have already two bitcoin nodes running and connected the Umbrel LND to them.
(LND with Neutrino Docs@LND

I would like use my own nodes that I already have and the idea is to remove the bitcoin&neutrino switcher from the docker compose file. Is this idea worth my while?

I am probably not a user of your target group … so if you not support this, I am ok too. Just let me know.

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SSH into your server
ssh umbrel@umbrel.local
#password is either moneyprintergobrrr or the one you use to access the dashboard

Run this to kill the running bitcoin process
docker stop $(docker ps -a | grep bitcoi | awk '{print $1}')

To reclaim the disk space
rm -rf ~/umbrel/bitcoin/blocks/*.dat

If someone asks you why you want a Ferrari without the engine instead of answering your question, tell them you like the leather seats and you think it’s a silly idea to use a V8 to go grocery shopping

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Please stop with this bullshit removal of bitcoin from umbrel node.
You are just a shitcoiner.


The reason was that I was only using the lightning network and running that.

I don’t think an unreasonable request.

So on top of that you don’t even know how LN works…
LN without bitcoin node DO NOT WORK.
If you want to use just a LN wallet, there are other ways, and necessarily running a fill node.
Here I wrote a guide about all LN wallets that exist now - choose wisely.

you’re a boss @magusd . I just needed this so i can transfer umbrel bitcoin node to an external hard drive because the onboard is out of memory. I’m using this guide for it.