Safe way to close Umbrel node on Linux machine without having to reboot computer?

I’m NOT running a rasberry Pi. I have Umbrel installed on Linux Mint running on a Lenovo Thinkpad.

I have questions about what actually is happening when I “log out” or “shut down” Umbrel.
When I boot up Linux Mint, I think Umbrel automatically starts along with the docker and all the bitcoin and lightning nodes start also running in the background - even if I haven’t launched a browser window to “log in” to my Umbrel and open the app? Is that true? can someone confirm?

To interface with my Umbrel node, I launch a browser environment (firefox) and login to Umbrel, then launch bitcoin, electrum, lightning, etc… from the apps.

One of my key questions is this: if I don’t “shut down” Umbrel from within the browser environment, but instead I “log out” of Umbrel and close the browser, are the nodes still running? If that is the case, and I then reboot my Thinkpad (terminal $ reboot) - is that considered a hard shutdown of the Bitcoin node where I will risk corrupting stuff?

I know in the terminal window you can do sudo ./scripts/stop to actually force all the Umbrel docker and nodes and everything to stop prior to rebooting the physical machine. But is this actually safe to do or is it just as bad as rebooting the physical computer without first stopping the Umbrel node somehow?

From the browser environment, if I choose “shut down” Umbrel - it actually reboots the WHOLE Thinkpad. I wish there was a command from that browser environment that would actually shut down the node SAFELY and WITHOUT rebooting my computer. Its very opaque what is happening.

Appreciate y’alls insights here!