Shut down Lightning node alone for maintenance

I need to shutdown the lightning node to use chantools. I find no way to shut it down via the Umbrel GUI. I shut it down on the command line with lncli, but it apparently spontaneously restarts before I can do any thing else. Chantools fails with a need to shutdown lightning error message. Any help would be appreciated.

CLI operation

< LND stop >
cd ~/umbrel/scripts
./app stop lightning

< LND start >
cd ~/umbrel/scripts
./app start lightning

Thank you

I think on Umbrel the command is:
~/umbrel/scripts$ sudo ./scripts/app compose lightning exec lnd lncli stop
I’ll try the ./app stop lightning on the MyNode.

I believe I’ve gotten it stopped momentarily, but MyNode and Umbrel restart it.

On Umbrel it is just ~/umbrel/scripts/app stop lightning in one line

thank you very much