Trying to Shut Down

Bizarre behavior: I login to umbrel.local and click the shutdown option in the settings modal. It shows the “shutting down” page, but it just continues on like I never clicked it. Bitcoin node keeps running, apps still open. No change.

I’m trying to switch my power supply to include a battery for power outage protection, but I can’t do that if it doesn’t shut down. I’m thinking I need to downgrade to one of the previous versions for better stability.

SSH into the box to shutdown or reboot. I had initiated a reboot from the WebUI and it didn’t do anything either. I SSH’ed into it and noticed there was a stuck process (in the status section when first connecting). I simply forced a reboot and everything came back fine (had to uninstall some apps as too many things were running at bogging it down).

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Thanks! I’ll try that after I get off work today.

Hey, did you managed to shutdown or reboot via CLI?

No, I got a “Permission denied, please try again,” when I try to SSH into the pi.

Hmm, did you forget your password? Default password should be “moneyprintergobrrr” if you don’t remember setting one. The best program to SSH is Putty (

Figured it out. I needed to SSH into ***umbrel@***umbrel.local, not simply umbrel.local

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