Trying to run my node, but internet slows to a hault

Hey all. I got everything set up with my raspberry pi and was ready to run the node, but once I was 100% synced with bitcoin core my internet stopped working.

I figure this is because the node is hogging all the bandwith.

Is there a way to fix this?


What are your connection specs? I have 1gbps symmetric and everything is super smooth but its a big pipe.

moved to a rural area and having the same issues. speedtest download down from 22mbps to 0.9mbps within a minute of reconnecting the fully synched node on recommended hardware

Better use a 4G connection if is possible in that rural area.
If you do not increase your internet speed, will be difficult to run a full node.
Optional you can use a Neutrino node on mobile, that is consuming less bandwidth and speed, using SPV sync.
Check these 2 options fior a “light” node on mobile.
Blixt mobile wallet node
Nayuta Core mobile wallet node