Specter desktop simple connection on mac OS

Hello. I’m attempting to connect Specter desktop to my umbrel node. I’ve just got the node up and running and fully synced. I’ve followed the instructions by installing tor via terminal and then copying and pasting the username, password, host and port to the Specter node setup yet I’m still getting a connection error: -1Error message: Connection to node failed

I assume I don’t need to have the Specter app installed to get this to work, right? Not sure what else to check. Any advice?

Have a look at this thread and see if it helps: Ledger hardware wallet

Thanks. Turning on Tor in Specter Desktop was the missing step. Now, unfortunately the wallets I had previously set up will no longer read. I get the following error: Request error: Wallet file verification failed. Failed to load database path. Path does not exist.

Is there a fix for this or do I just need to recreate the wallets?

Great. Not sure about a fix, though. Went the built-in Tor route from the start, not a local instance. You may have to recreate the wallets.