Specter Desktop (Desktop)

Specter Desktop

Available for: macOS, Linux, Windows
Official website: https://specter.solutions

Follow these instructions only if you are using the native Specter Desktop application. If you’re using the Specter Desktop app on Umbrel, you do not need to follow these instructions as Specter automatically connects to Bitcoin Core on Umbrel.


  1. Make sure Tor is up and running on your system. Click here for instructions.

  2. Open Specter Wallet and click Configure Node.

  1. Disable Auto-detect.

  2. Fill the fields with the appropriate values, from <Bitcoin Core RPC> connection details.

  1. Click Test to verify if Specter is able to connect to your Umbrel.

  1. After verifying, click Save.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Specter Desktop to your Umbrel.