Thunderhub keeps logging me out since Umbrel 0.5 upgrade

Since I upgraded to Umbrel 0.5, Thunderhub automatically logs me out after about a minute every time. I assume that no one else is suffering from this as I’ve not seen any other posts about it but its making Thunderhub unusable.
Things I’ve tried:
rebooting node
reinstalling Thunderhub
different browsers

Any ideas anyone? I assume it is something to do with the new umbrel authentication method.



I have the same issue… noticed it after upgrade to 0.5.
I have additional issues:

  • problems with RTL… certain sections show errors.
  • Umbrel Lightning page is reaaally slow to show transaction history.

Same issue here… couldn’t solve it yet.

I closed all my channels, and am going to probably just do fresh image/install… because it feels like something is really hosed.

I guess I’ll go this route