Thunderhub login

Hi guys! New to Umbrel and getting the lay of the land. I tried to log into Thunderhub to look around and start interacting with the lightning network but it won’t let me. It is saying my password is wrong even though it is asking for my Umbrel password. Is anyone else having this problem? My node isn’t fully synced yet so I don’t know if that could be impacting things.

Go to the app’s page on the dashboard, and you should see the password on the upper right corner. That password is unique to you as it’s derived from your seed (secret 24 words).

I’m not seeing the password in the upper right corner. All I see is an edit tab.

If you open Thunderhub from the app store page, you will see the password right under the Open button in the upper right corner.


thanks for your help! I found it

I appreciate your help. thanks again.

Had the same issue. TY for the solution

Had the same issue, Thanks for the heads up!