Since the latest upgrade I no longer have to log in at all

Since the latest upgrade 0.5.4 I no longer have to log in. Previously I would be automatically logged out after approx 20mins of inactivity but not any more. It will stay logged in even if not used all day.
Even after a reboot I’m logged straight in without being asked for a password.

Bit of a worry security wise

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Thanks for bringing this up I’m confirming with the team the logic for this and will get back to you ASAP and confirm if/why there was a change

Yes, I have similar issue. No auto logout after a period of inactivity.

okay, then I will wait for an official answer before I install ist update.

Cheers Jim

Hey folks, happy to confirm that in this release, we increased the login session expiry to 1 week to remove the inconvenience of logging in every hour. And of course, if you happen to log into your Umbrel on a shared computer/device, it’s recommended that you logout to make sure there’s no unauthorized access from someone else.

This is absolutely bullshit! Please give us a option to set the expiration time in the setting!

Thanks for the response

The constant logging in was a bit of a pain but now i know the change is a feature & not a bug I can once again relax

Agree! I welcome a logout time option as well.