"There was an error connecting to LN Markets."

After upgrade on LNMarkets I got this:

There was an error connecting to LN Markets. Error code: ECONNREFUSED


How to solve it?

Hello @pantarhei!

My name is Max and I will be assisting you on this.
Let’s gather some more information so we can begin troubleshooting and come to a resolution:

  • Has this LNM system worked before?

  • Are any other integrations or applications not functioning correctly after the update?

  • What system/setup are you currently working on?

  • Please provide a log file whenever you have a moment.

Thank you,

Thanks for the message. Yes, before the upgrade of Umbrel LNMarkets was working. I have found following log:

app_proxy_1 | [HPM] Error occurred while proxying request umbrel.local:4242/ to

I use the newest Umbrel.

I also sent the issue here: https://github.com/ln-markets/umbrel/issues/41(no more info there)

Hi Pantarhei,

Please try the following for me: nano umbrel/bitcoin/settings.json file should be empty and modify it to contain.


If this does not work we will have the software development team get involved.


Thank you Master Max. I did not have the directory bitcoin, do not know the magic, but it works.

That’s wonderful to hear! If you need anything else let us know!


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