The Bitcoin Machine LCD

Hello, I have successfully set up my “The Bitcoin Machine” however the LCD is set to USD & a different timezone. Would anyone be able to provide a step by step explanation on how to change this. I am not technical at all, but willing to learn, any assistance greatly appreciated.

I have come across this in my research (but have no idea what it means

Setup the Machine Face (LCD)
ssh into the bitcoin node using Putty or iTerm2

(this is followed by 5 different links I assume i have to copy and input somewhere.

Thanks in advance

Hey @Stoper you need to change accessing via terminal and ssh command line. However, you should think twice before doing so or just trust your gut and follow this tutorial.

I tried this tutorial with a 3,5" display and that failed miserably. There was something showing on the display but in lower right corner, mirrored and the quality was awful. Maybe its because of the wrong or missing display driver. I am using ELEGOO 3,5" TFT LCD touch display.

Now I am trying to uninstall TBM but lacking instructions. Anyone knows what files needs to be deleted apart from TBM main directory?

FYI I can recommend Umbrel Crypto Display available on GitHub here. That worked on first try.

Nice work.

Full steps are here:
Bitcoin Machine LCD (v 0.5) - Run your personal Bitcoin and Lightning Node (

I have done this on a few occasions and these steps work flawlessly. IF you just want to change the currency after v0.5 is installed you can just rerun the configuration script:
sudo ./