Stuck at sync, 0 peers

I am accessing and interfacing with the node via umbrel.local without any issue. Had 11 peers when I first got the node running, but now consistently have 0. Blockchain sync is stuck at 0.43%, made about 0.2% progress in the past two days. I have tried restarting the node; it does not have any effect, and I remain at 0 peers.

I am located in China, which is most likely related.

Here are my logs:

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Tor is the issue, as it is blocked by China’s Great Firewall. It looks like running a VPN on my Node, or just disabling Tor, will at least allow me to sync.

Tor will not turn off on my Umbrel. When clicking the green slider to turn Tor off, I get a message that “Tor cannot be turned off at this time”. Is there an SSH command to turn Tor off?

I am having the same problem here in Belarus.