Stremio-server on umbrel

I was able to make it work. It even transcodes fine in my rpi4, so I’m quite excited.
Out of the box, fb login and casting are not working. Everything else seems to work fine.

Read your deleted post. I think (not sure it will work) that ports, althugh you can change them on the run command, are hardcoded in the Dockerfile.
Check thoe Dckerfile, change the ports you wish to be different there, and then take that into account in the run command.
As for the build, according to the github, once you changed those ports on the Dockerfile, I believe you don’t need to specify them on the command.

I deleted it because I managed to do it. I created 2 containers, allowing me to have 2 distinct accesses. I will do a stress test to see the maximum viable configuration. For now, I am using a VM, but I intend to buy hardware to keep it 100% active.

Daniel, I have a few questions. Do you run stremio on http or https? And your VM is it running umbrel arm o amd?