Channels Offline - Wait until container is running

I’ve been running successfully for about 6+ months. Have had basically no problems.

I recently (last week) noticed that all of my channels were offline. I restarted Umbrel with no luck.

Then started searching online for suggestions on how to resolve the issue.

I’ve tried rebooting, stopping the umbrel service & removing the .env files, and casted a few other spells found on the interwebs, but no luck.

Some of the containers seem to have started correctly, which is why I thought that I’d post here for some guidance.

The status-monitor.log shows:
Error response from daemon: Container 4edexxxxxxxxx989f is restarting, wait until the container is running

The storage, repo, uptime, memory and temperature containers seem to be working, but at this point, I’m not 100% sure.

I’m on Umbrel 0.5.1, RPI4, 1TB SSD.

What other info can I provide to help remote debugging?

Thank you.

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This has been resolved.

My LND was out of date (0.14.1 vs 0.15.2) and I was unaware that when the Umrel software updated, it didn’t automatically also update the LND software even though I run Umbrel to have a personal lightning node.

Anyway, I had to go into the App Store, look in the upper right hand corner for the updates button and manually trigger LND to be updated. After about 8 hours of processing, my node came back online and all is good.

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I seem to have the same problem, just upgraded to LND 0.15.2, hopefully it will resolve issue, so far all channels still off-line. Thx for sharing !

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