Strange SSH pwd root@umbrel.local != WebInterface pwd?

I am using Umbrel 0.5.3.
I was accustomed to everything working quite well (Well I’m just using the BTC node not the lightning yet).
Today I am rather puzzled.
I tried to log in using ssh root@… as I have done many times but the pwd gets refused.
That’s strange because logging in using the WebInterface (am the only user so pwd is the same) works quite well. I thought that pwds were the same (root and my WebInterface user) and I don’t remember changing either …
Am I wrong in thinking pwds should be the same?
Is there something I missed?

Any advice welcome

Mmm, answering my own mail.
Could it be that I locked myself out with the SSH (denied root the possibility to enter using SSH?)
Eh I do remember going through with some settings but nothing that looked like that …
Where could I have done that in the web interface?
Jikes. I guess if it really come to that I will have to look in the settings files on the sd card?

Silly me.
SSH into an umbrel machine is NOT
umbrel@umbrel.local :frowning:
Sorry for disturbing