Stop reciving routing fees

I’m a relatively new lightning user. I have 28 active channels, my routing fees have steadily increased week by week, but now it is zero for the last two weeks. Why is it like that? I have a base fee 0 and a fee rate 100.

(My channels are pretty balanced).

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  1. Please start reading and listening the video tutorials about LN from this list of resources. In special this one by Alex Bossworth, about LN channels management. It will give you more insight about what really is LN and how to manage it.
  2. Please DON’T be obsessed with routing others txs with your node. Focusing ONLY on this aspect, you are missing the bigger perspective of what is Ln and WHY we are here.
    LN is like a living organism, for more you feed it and well feed, is growing bigger and bigger. BTC/LN is like a mycelium fungi organism - more conections you build around, it grows bigger and stronger.
    So, be patient, we are still too early.
  3. As a new node you should concentrate more in the following aspects:
  • open slowly, when you have more funds available, more channels. And not small, start building a good ring of 2M chnanels, then increase it to 3M and 5M until 10M.
  • participate in LN+ rings but also open channels with those nodes you consider are good in the aspect of fees they use, connections they have.
  • Chose wisely your peers, not all are good. Check them on how often they close channels and what fees they use. A node with many closures is not good, is not trusted and will not give you any routing.
  • keep your open channels as much as you can. History of a good and stable node is very important in finding a path. Also fees, don’t use exorbitant fees, in special if you are a new node. Increase them slowly, once you have a good base of good connections.
  • Expand your connections, don’t keep only few channels with big nodes. That’s not a good policy at all and tend to end up in centralization. Open also with nodes that are located to the outer rim of LN and bring them connections, be the bridge and you will see more txs routed.
  • Routing need time. Be patient and let users start making txs.
  • DO YOUR OWN txs using your own node, not just waiting for others. Start using your sats s money. This is a key important aspect.

Hi! You are absolutely right, I did not start a node to get rich but to support the network. I was only surprised when routing fees suddenly stopped coming from one day to the next.

Thank you for your detailed answer.
This community is the best! :orange_heart:


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