LN routing fees setup

I’m a beginner, so my questions may seem strange.
I have opened couple channels and setup random fees
How much fees should i setup how to calculate correct amount for each channel?

As a beginner, you should start by studying these links we’ve posted in the guides section. Are there for a reason, not just to be posted.

You would find there some very good video tutorials and talks exactly about how to run your LN node.

My direct advice for your question:

  • don’t let the greed consume you. LN is like a living organism and need time to grow
  • for a starter you will need more than just 4 channels
  • you would need inbound and outbound channels
  • I suggest to start with 0 base fee and use more ppm fee. Start low, let the channel grows and slowly increase the ppm fee when you see that your side of liquidity dried up.

Consider your LN channels as water pipeline and you are the master of the pipes controlling the flow and be sure the water always flow.


Thank you for answering. I see you are the most experienced in this forum

“for a starter you will need more than just 4 channels” - i know more is better. But what you need how many channel at least should have starter node 8,10?

“I suggest to start with 0 base fee and use more ppm fee” - as you see on screenshot I have 1-500ppm. How much ppm should i set for starting?

You always want a quick answer without studying?
As I told you this is not something based on specific algorithms or well established numbers.
Is all about the peers your have, the traffic is around your node, the size of your node, the latency of your node and many other aspects.

I gave you a list of links to study, read, watch and learn more. Sounds crazy but this is true.
I studied many years these aspects and you just want the quick answers.
There’s NO quick answer and as a noob you need to take small steps, testing, watching and learning.

As many as you can. Sky is the limit. More connections = better

thank you