Question about a channel

Hey folks, I have a question because Im new into lightning and its not very easy to figure out all the stuff.

I saw that someone opened a channel with me for 100k Sats. Is it possible to put in there the same amount of sats from my side? How do I balance this channel?

Thanks for your help!


You can either open a new channel to this node but do not increase the existing channel. Here is a link to rebalancing

Thanks for your reply and your help!
Ok so I can open a new channel with the same node or I must do rebalancing?

I always prefer a rebalance. To do this, you first have to create local balance yourself. This is only possible by opening channels to other nodes yourself. If the nodes of your channels and the nodes of the first channel are well networked in the LND, you can rebel the first channel. You can find nodes in this thread Opening Channels Requests or on

ah ok now I understand. Thank you very very much!!!

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You are welcome