"Starting Umbrel..." Stuck

Hey all. New here, not too technically literate (I’m learning!) and after I updated yesterday, whenever I try to sign in remotely I get stuck at the interface before it asks for my password. I can use ThunderHub via the url for it and Sphinx is operating normally too, so my node still works fine.

Any reason why the login screen won’t load? I’ve tried turning off/on my pi but it only shows me “Starting Umbrel…”

Any help is greatly appreciated. Any references to further my education would also be amazing. Thank you!

I don’t know exactly what they mean but maybe this statement will help.
On the road you have to connect via TOR browser, it does not work via the normal browser.

I use the Tor Browser. It just won’t ever load the screen where I can enter my password. It stays on the “Starting Umbrel…” loading screen.

I was having the same problem so I followed their advice from the FAQs and disconnected my fan and it booted normally.

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