SSH Tailscale Umbrel home

Since Tailscale takes over port 22 for SSH connections incoming from the Tailscale network then we enable it and when accessing SSH remotely we get into the Tailscale’s isolated app container, not into Umbrel OS or any other app.
Is there a workaround to ssh remotely to Umbrel’s home?
Or to connect to another docker container from the tailscale container?
I know at advanced settings we have a global/app terminal which is nice and ok to use from a desktop, but it’s hard to perform terminal tasks like scp file transfers or type from a mobile without an actual terminal app and direct ssh access.
I’m always away of my Umbrel network which has closed ports and dynamic IP, then tailscale is the way on the go.
I tried ssh to the port of the specific app, rejected connection. Senior member @DarthCoin advise to avoid ssh out of the LAN but for travelers/digital nomads it’s impossible to get a reliable 24/7 connection on the go to carry our Umbrel, then it must remain at home safe and always available, since Umbrel is becoming the everything app server it must be secure and ssh accessible isn’t it? Maybe access hardened with passwordless .pem keys or 2FA