Possible to setup via CLI?

Hello everyone,

so, for after about 6 years using balenacloud to manage my devices, i’m chosen to try out umbrel. on my local machine, its great and i love it.

but i have a remote machine that i need help with.
i have ssh access to the box, and i’ve installed umbrel.
i tried to get to the url using elinks in the terminal but it wants javascript…

is there anyway i can enable tailscale app in the cli, this way i can remote in via the gui?
oor maybe i can enable the Tor onion url via the command line somehow?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

May I ask you are not able to or why you don’t want to use the Umbrel’s dashboard GUI at umbrel.local?

You could manually install tailscale,

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app install tailscale

To my knowledge would need to then install tailscale on the device you’re connecting from or you can see your Umbrel’s tailscale IP on the interface to interact with it here: Tailscale

I’m sorry if that doesn’t answer your question or hope it gets you in the right direction, feel free to provide any further details

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Hello @usernameisJim,

Thanks for this! I am going to try it out.
Why can’t i use the UI@umbrel.local, because the host is in a different country.

I guess my next task will be to actually setup tailscale on the remote host without a gui either…

thanks again!



As you mentioned above, I would recommend accessing the GUI via the Tor address in that case.

If you don’t have it already, you should be able to find it with the following command:
cat ~/umbrel/tor/data/web/hostname

If you use Jim’s command above, you should also be able to access the tailscale dashboard with the following address:
cat ~/umbrel/tor/data/app-tailscale/hostname

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gonna give that a try too!

you all are dope!


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