SSD solution for a longer period

Hi guys,
My SSD is getting full. With some apps downloaded and the whole bitcoin blockchain on it slowly but surely my SSDwill run out of space. Normal reaction will be a more capacity SSD, for the short run. But on the long run me, and some others aswell will facethe same problem. I have build myself a node with a RP-4 and 1TB SSD. Are the some sustainable views/ideas for a longer period SSD solution?

I see a guide of cloning the current disk to another one with bigger capacity. I have not tested myself.

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Agree with @lost_knight that this is the best method for migrating.

In terms of selecting a new drive, if the biggest use of space on your drive is the bitcoin blockchain, I think it is still a good long-term move just to upgrade to 2TB or so. With the block-size limit, Bitcoin’s blockchain only grows at ~80-100GB per year, so an extra TB will go a long way.

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