Spector Desktop and Trezor (Newbies)

Some have tried to connect Trezor via USB using the Spector App in Umbrel Node. This is not the way due to umbrel specific permissions. You can paste your Trezor XPUB manually into the Umbrel Spector app and create device and wallet. If you wish to auto import via USB and get more wallet functions you will need log into your umbrel node and add wallet. Use spector desktop drop down and you soon see login info to paste into Spector. Copy of directions here: https://twitter.com/getumbrel/status/1313472298133975041
Basically you put Spector Desktop on your laptop and have it detect your tor browswer automatically (you can find this on your own); be sure to have your torr running for dectection. Then in Spector Desktop you click on connect bitcoin core on upper left. You paste in the login information according to the twitter instructions. This data is in your umbrel screen when you connect Spector desktop wallet per above instructions (twitter).