Using Specter Wallet wiht Umbrel

Hi All,

First post here, so thanks for any help that you may be able to provide.

My issues are not directly related to Umbrel, I have succesfully built and installed umbrel and have my BTC node 100% synced. I have managed to connect Specter Desktop to my umbrel, with no issues.

However, I must be a a complete idiot, as I have no idea how to import my existing wallet into it that I currently use on a Ledger with Ledger Live. I have done some searchs on the web and cannot work it out.

I have added my Ledger to Spectre Desktop and it added 4 “keys” That being:

  • 1 Single Sig (Nested)
  • 1 Single Sig (Segwit)
  • 1 Multisig (Nested)
  • 1 Multisig (Segwit).

When adding a new “Wallet” to Specter desktop, I can’t work out how to add the wallet (or as Ledger calls it, Account) from Ledger live. Shouldn’t Specter find this from my hardware wallet? It appears when I add a new wallet, Its a whole new wallet/account? Completely Confused.

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Okay, worked it out, was using the wrong key. Now I actually know what is going on.

If anyone less educated such as myself is searching for an answer:

  • “Segwit” Ledger = "Nested Segwit in Specter. ie m/49’/ (p2sh segwit, BIP-32)
  • “Native Segwit” Ledger = “Segwit” in Specter. ie m/84’/ (native segwit, BIP-84)

Reading up on what exactly the dirviation path was helped a lot.