Specter wallets recovery from PDFs back up files

Hi Guys
I recently had to uninstall Specter App and install it again as it was not working for unknown reasons.

Before the issue, I was using Specter to broadcast to BTC mainnet from my BTC wallets and it worked smoothly. Now that I had to uninstall and install again I’d like to recover the wallets using the back up PDF files (with QRs and other data) that Specter generates first time when you create a wallet.
I have already connected the BTC node and the signing devices to Specter but would like to recover the wallets I already had.

I don’t seem to find an intuitive way in Specter to do this. or at least I having been able to locate it.
Could any of you shed some light?

My set up is a Raspberry Pi4 running umbrelOS 1.1 where I’ve my bitcoin node and Specter amongst others.

Thanks a lot.