Specter connection to Bitcoin Core after update

Hey there and sorry for asking stupid questions already. I faced the same issue like some others being stucked to the starting screen of my Umbrel on a Raspi 4. I managed to reboot with the ssh command and finally reflashed my sd card and am almost back to normal. The chain synced again and my lightning are also back to normal.

However, my Specter app still in the endless loop of starting so I decided to uninstall/reinstall (I have the needed backup of Specter). Specter back as well but - oh crap - it almost looks like a different app after the huge update. My only problem remaining is the connection to Bitcoin core on my Raspi4. I tried several things like getting the credentials from Bitcoin node (RPC local network) but I failed with everything I tried.

Anyone managed to establish a connection and could help me with my issue? Highly appreciated & thank you so much!

My versions: Umbrel 0.5.4
Specter: 2.0.2

Hosts I tried:
http://IP address

Name: Bitcoin Core
User: umbrel
PW: given PW

Sorry to address you personally @smolgrr . Do you have any hint for me how I could solve the problem? I mean I ssh-ed into bitcoin.conf and I see the include umbre-bitcoin.conf file. But can’t find any credentials (as they reflect on the connect button in Umbrel OS in the Bitcoin Node app). I’m super stucked. Everything else works like a charm now. 100% synced etc. Do I have to set anything in the advanced settings of the Bitcoin Node (RPC wise)? Thank you a lot in advance!

And the log, just in case: 0bin - encrypted pastebin

Man man man, I got the wrong IP unbelievable… I thought I had the right one… Ufff! So if anyone else faces the problem. Get an IP scanner and use the credentials as published in the Bitcoin Node under “+connect”.

User: umbrel
Password: As given on Bitcoin Node (connect)
host: http://IP-Adress from the scanner (don’t use umbrel.local)
Port: As given on Bitcoin Node, most likely 3882

Aaaaaand, it works as smooth as before. Thanks for everything, Umbrel!

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