Specter on umbrel not showing any balance

My node just synchronized the blockchain 100% and I tried setting up specter desktop using the umbrel app. I imported my hardware wallet and created a single sig wallet. I already should have had funds in this wallet because I have been using it in Electrum and wanted to import it to specter on my node. However after the process of checking the blockchain for funds it is showing zero balance. How can this be true?

Hey there, if your blockchain just finished syncing, then it’s actually likely that electrum hasn’t finished syncing yet in the background - I’d give it a day or so to finish and then it should have all your funds.

Ok so I waited a day and now the specter desktop installed on my umbrel is working fine and is showing a balance. However I also have specter desktop downloaded on my computer and have it configured to remote connect to my node and it does not show any balance after scanning the blockchain. Why??