Sparrow Wallet shows zero balance in Lightning Node

Hi guys, total n00b here. I dug around the threads and couldn’t find anything directly relevant to this particular problem. I have a Ledger Nano X which I manage with Sparrow Wallet (v 1.8.4)) and it has a non-zero balance of sats… I’m running umbrel 1.0.4 on a Raspberry Pi 5. Both the Bitcoin node (26.0.0) and Electrs are showing as 100% synchronised. I’m able to connect Sparrow to my node (showing as “Connected to tcp://umbrel.local:50001 at height etc.”), but when I look in my Lightning Node (v 0.17.4-beta) the Bitcoin Wallet (and Lightning Wallet) shows a balance of 0 sats. Have tried connecting Sparrow through Tor, through umbrel.local, reinstalling Electrs, reinstalling Lightning Node and I get the same result. Any ideas?