Software Design Question


My first question is if this is a good place to ask these questions and if not, where might I be able to find folks that might know some answers?

I’m quite new to Bitcoin, very new to Lightning and completely new to building software on it, so please bear with me…

Is it possible for a client with a mobile lightning wallet (Alice) to make a request to a webserver (Bob) → webserver make a request to a private lightning node (Carol) to generate an invoice → webserver return invoice to client → webserver waits for lightning node to confirm that the invoice has been paid → node tells server that invoice is paid → server delivers content to client?

Or in short, can a website paywall content behind a lightning invoice where the webserver does not have custody of the lightning node that generated the invoice?

And if this is possible, what existing technologies could be used to achieve this? I am a compsci student so talk to me as technical or abstract as you like.

Any help or resources on the topic is much appreciated!

You just described how BTCPay or LNBits works, right now. Both are apps in Umbrel node suite.
Please start reading BTCPay docs and also in this forum Guides section you will find more documentation about BTCPay and LNbits