Awesome things you can do with Lightning Network

Here is a list of services and cool things you can do on Lightning Network.

This list will be updated periodically. If you want to propose a service that is not in the list just send me the link to @DarthCoin

Also you can check this amazing list of services using LNurl.
And also The Lightning Address - amazing way to send/receive sats

Wallets, bots

:zap: LNTXBOT - Telegram tip bot and LNDHUB wallet

:zap: CoinOS - Browser LN wallet, swaps, PoS, good for merchants

:zap: Blixt wallet - full Neutrino LND node, LN Address, keysend, LSP

:zap: Simple Bitcoin Wallet SBW - LN mobile node, LN address, LNURL, Hosted channels

:zap: Zeus LN - mobile wallet, LND node management, LNDHUB, LN Address

:zap: Fully Noded - node management (iOS)

:zap: BlueWallet - custodial / non-custodial LN mobile/desktop wallet

:zap: Phoenix - LN mobile wallet, swaps

:zap: Muun - LN mobile wallet, swaps

:zap: Breez - LN mobile wallet, podcasting, LN Address, keysend

:zap: Nayuta Core - full Neutrino LND node

:zap: Zap - LN mobile wallet, LND node management

:zap: Spark - LN wallet, C-Lightning node management

:zap: Zebedee - nice simple LN wallet for gamers and social media

:zap: Electrum - LN mobile wallet

:zap: Acinq - LN mobile wallet

:zap: Lightning App - desktop LND Neutrino node

:zap: GetAlby - LN browser extension for sending and receiving sats

:zap: Cheese Robot - Telegram bot for node management

:zap: Ring of Fire GUI - tool for managing a ring group nodes

:zap: Ring of Fire Tools - Telegram bot to manage Rings of Fire

Node software, hosting

:zap: - Umbrel OS node

:zap: - myNodeBTC OS node

:zap: - RaspiBlitz OS dedicated to Raspberry Pi machines

:zap: - Embassy OS node, based on RaspPi

:zap: - Nodl Plug’n’Play node OS

:zap: - LN node for merchants

:zap: - hosted cloud LN node

:zap: - hosted LN node

Tools, explorers, analyzers, stats

:zap: - LN nodes Explorer, Billboard messaging, LN communities

:zap: - LN Tools for node operators

:zap: - LN explorer, tools, Telegram bot

:zap: - Map of LN nodes

:zap: - Beautiful visualizer of all nodes and channels

:zap: - LN nodes browser and stats

:zap: - LN nodes browser

:zap: - Get LN liquidity

:zap: - Nice tool preview over your node

:zap: - tool that can recommend peers

:zap: - very good tool to analyze your node and peers

:zap: - Visualizing the nodes and channels

:zap: - graphs and stats about LN

:zap: - inbound liquidity, Watchtower provider

:zap: - Lightning Network invoice decoder

:zap: - send OP_RETURN tx onchain, paid with LN

Software bundles, applications, solutions

:zap: - Amazing LN extensions services on top of your LN node

:zap: - Allows you to pay for redirects and fund with an lnurl.

:zap: - a personal lnurl tipping server

:zap: - private phone calls over LN

:zap: - Secured chat, podcasting on LN

:zap: - be paid for your podcasts in sats

:zap: - Secured chat, wallet LN

:zap: - LN for automatic “afterlife” message

:zap: - Decode LN requests

:zap: - Test LNURL-Auth

:zap: - Create LN testing setups

:zap: - p2p subscription/donation system

:zap: RoboSats - Build your own P2P exchange over LN, private, Tor support















:zap: - Poker with LN

:zap: - Rock Paper Scissors game in Telegram with LN

Services, earn sats, tasks, various

:zap: - Pay per vid or unlock and watch each story

:zap: - Various cool LN apps

:zap: - Tasks market, earn sats on LN

:zap: - Tasks market, earn sats on LN

:zap: - News aggregator, login and tip with LN

:zap: - LN Auctions

:zap: - Send fax (yeah the old fax!) with LN

:zap: - Create LN vouchers

:zap: - Burner 4G eSIM paid with LN

:zap: - Pay for downloads with LN

:zap: - Create LN paywalls and faucets

:zap: - Poker with LN

:zap: - Send QR voucher, supported by all wallets

:zap: - jobs panel related with LN

:zap: - earn sats doing tasks, surveys

:zap: - livestream paid messages

:zap: - feed some sheep with sats on LN, Livestream

:zap: - split payment bill using LN

:zap: - advertise your lightning app on a button

:zap: - livestream or upload videos and earn sats

:zap: - content creators paid with sats

:zap: - earn Bitcoin rewards

:zap: - buy travel tickets using LN (LN ATM on premise too)

:zap: - This holiday season, spend some sats for someone else!

:zap: - Top-up Mullvad VPN using Lightning

:zap: - Pay sats on LN for VPN directly in browser, no account

:zap: - Buy / sell books using LNTXBOT on Telegram

:zap: - crowdfunding projects on Lightning

:zap: - Send SMS, pay with LN

:zap: - Anonymously receive SMS verification codes for any service

:zap: - Send texts worldwide and pay with Lightning

:zap: - pay sats to listen music directly from artists

:zap: - webpage tipping wallet

:zap: - Send a Laisee little red envelopes with sats to anybody

Merchants lists

:zap: - recharge virtual cards/credits, pay bills

:zap: - recharge virtual cards/credits, pay bills

:zap: - List LN stores

:zap: - List of merchants accepting LN

:zap: - Massive list of Bitcoin-friendly VPS providers

:zap: - BTCPay Merchants List

:zap: - Who accepts Bitcoin/LN

Exchanges, swaps, satsback

A curated list with more exchanges here from which we mention these apps:

:zap: - coinjoin LN to onchain

:zap: - Swap LN sats to onchain

:zap: - Swap sats onchain to LN

:zap: - Swap LN to onchain BTC

:zap: - Send fiat with LN to VISA cards

:zap: - VISA card paid by LN, no KYC

:zap: - Easy BTC DCA, withdraw to LN

:zap: - simple, LN wallet, exchange

:zap: - simple, LN supported, VISA card

:zap: - (only UK) simple, KYC, LN supported

:zap: - buy BTC with LN, non-custodial

:zap: - buy BTC with LN vouchers

:zap: - sats back, VISA card

:zap: - sats back for every purchase

:zap: - Telegram Bot buy BTC on LN

:zap: - Telegram bot buy/sell P2P through LN (mostly LATAM)

:zap: - trade on Lightning Network

:zap: - trade derivatives on Lightning Network

:zap: RoboSats - P2P Full private Exchange over Tor, over LN


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