Accepting Lightning payments in WordPress e-shop (plugin for LNBits)

Hey everyone, if you run a WordPress e-shop using WooCommerce, here is a plugin for adding Lightning payment option, using LNBits:

Running your own instance of LNBits is easy thanks to Umbrel. So with this plugin, you can accept Bitcoin/Lightning without any third-parties, without any fees (other than fees for routing and opening channels).

So far it’s only tested and used on one e-shop, so if you see any issues or have ideas for improvements, go to gitlab:


This is amazing! Thank you!

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How is it that I have looked for so long to find this exact solution only to see it was posted over a year ago? Finally, I came to the community and typed in “WordPress”. Lo and behold, here it is! :man_facepalming:

Must the node run on clearnet or does the plugin have some sort of TOR capability?

No tor support yet, there is an issue if anyone wanted to figure it out:

DarthCoin wrote tutorial for setting it up with Umbrel:

Also, good video tutorial

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I actually got my node to hybrid tor/clearnet using another recent post on the community, so I don’t need tor support anymore, but it would be a great addition!