BTCPay connect to a Lightning node, internal or custom?

I setting up my BTCPay server running on Umbrel and when I want to connect the lightning node, I’m not sure if I should choose internal or custom. Will internal create a new node just for BTCPay or will it use the internal node created by Umbrel?
Alternatively can I use a LNHub invoice only URL generated by LNbits? (maybe I didn’t understood the whole concept here, sorry if it doesn’t make sense).

Questions for you to ask yourself:

  1. For what you need a BTCpay server?
  2. Do you have webshop open to public in clearnet?
  3. You want it only for donations?
  4. You want it only for learning how to use it?

I mostly want to learn how to use it and what are the possibilities. And yes my first practical use will be to use it for donation I guess. But I already setup LNbits and figure out how to make a donation permanent LNurl or on demand generated invoice, but I feel that the usage of LNhub is not so professional looking, so I want to compare with BTCPay.
I setup a reverse proxy for both BTCPay and LNbits so they are accessible from clearnet.

So, I take the risk and try myself. I select internal and test with a small payment and it arrives in my Umbrel LN wallet directly! So I guess it’s well prepared, very easy to setup!

Good job.
I would assume the external wallet is optional when you want to seperate both your node wallet to run / fund your channels vs the wallet holding the retail / crowdfunding flows. If you don’t need or want the seperation, because it’s your shop anyway, you can use the internal wallet and be fine.

Yes exactly, as BTCPay can manage multiple shop, you might have one shop on the same server as your node using the local node and another shop using a different external node. That’s what I understood. Also I guess that if you install BTCPay server manually on a server, it comes (optionally?) with a node and other tools like RTL or Thunderhub but the version for Umbrel did had these addons as it’s using the app from Umbrel already. If a dev can give more details (or if someone understood enough to look in the GitHub what’s going on) it would be interesting to know for us mortal non-coder.

Anyway I’m pleasantly surprise how easy and fast it is to deploy and use directly out of the box, good job Umbrel team and BTCPay team.

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